fredag 2. september 2011

Baby sokker grønn/rød/gul str 18-20

Baby sokker med knyting. Er strikket av melert garn i bl.a. grønn/gul og rød ull.

Fotlengde er 10 cm, men sokken er meget elastisk.

Baby socks with tie. These are knitted yarn with shades of red, green and red wool.

Length of foot is 10 cm but these are very elastic

You can buy them here:  my shop at

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Rachel sa...

Hello dear! Thanks for your kindness and your words! Loved your visiting! Well, I'd like to ask you if your giveaway is with the right date on the title. Isn't it on october? Well, let me know and so I could enter. God bless and have a wonderful time, my dear! :D

Ulla-Bella sa...

Nydelige tøfler:)